What is The Line Restaurant Talent Agency?

We are a full service staffing and consulting agency for cooks, chefs and restaurants in Los Angeles. We place cooks in restaurants suitable for their experience and future career goals. We work with restaurant chefs and owners to attract the best quality and most suitable cooks for their teams, providing a competitive advantage in the important area of kitchen staffing.

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The Line: Restaurant Talent Agency | The Way it Works
The Line Restaurant Talent Agency is a full service staffing and consulting agency for cooks, chefs and restaurants in Los Angeles.
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The Line: RTA | The Way it Works

The Way it Works

All our line cook and chef placements are guaranteed for 30 days (90 days for sous chef and executive chef). If the cook/chef decides to leave or the client decides to terminate employment within 30 days (90 for sous and executive), we will provide either a full refund or a replacement depending on the client’s wishes.  After 30 days  (90 sous and exec) of employment, the placement is non-refundable, nor will we be obligated to offer a replacement free of charge.


  • Level 1 cooks: entry-level  $350/placement
  • Level 2 cooks: capable of working the hot line $500/placement
  • Level 3 cooks: capable of developing into sous chef.  Capable of working all line positions.  Top caliber restaurant experience with excellent references.  $750/placement
  • Sous Chef chef placement fee is 10of first years base salary with a 60 day guarantee  
  • Executive Chef  placement fee is 10% of first years base salary with a 90 day guarantee

When you decide to use The Line for your staffing needs, we will first identify the level cook/chef you are interested in hiring.  You may be willing to consider multiple level cooks or chefs.  We will send you a contract detailing our fees and guarantees. Upon receipt of your signed contract we will send you resumes of cooks well matched for your position.

We will set up preliminary interviews with any candidates you are interested in.  If you are not interested in any of the initial candidates we will forward the most appropriate resumes we have until the position is filled.

If you are interested in a candidate after the initial interview, we will set up a 2 hour unpaid trial shift for you to determine the viability of the candidate.  If you wish to hire the candidate after the trial shift, we will confirm starting pay and schedule.  The 30/60/90 day guarantee will begin from the cook’s first working shift.